Beesyssla- Varroa-free beekeeping in Åland

Beekeepers Ulla and Jarmo Tuokko

At the moment we have bees in five apiaries, all located in mainland Åland. We have joined organic monitoring and we are allowed to sell the 2022 harvest as organic.


Our story: “Mum, mum, our forrest is full of flies!”

We’d thought before that we’d get bees. But it felt like we didn’t have time for that. Then one day the kids ran in and shouted, “Mom, Mom, our forest is full of flies!” Ulla could have shruged her shoulders and said, “Go play somewhere else.” But the idea of a swarm of bees immediately occurred to her.

After informing the beekeepers’ association and waiting a few hours for someone to come and get the swarm, we began to seriously discuss whether we should still catch the swarm ourselves and start beekeeping. And that’s what happened.  

We got a phone number for a local bee supply store. From there we bought our first beehive with accessories, as well as beekeeping jacket and gloves. At midnight, Jarmo climbed a tree with a ladder and captured the swarm. We had become beekeepers within hours.

Honey recipes

Honey coconut balls

7.5 dl oatmeal

2.5 dl coconut flakes

200g honey

0,75 dl cocoa powder

250g soft butter

Mix all the ingredients. Shape into balls and roll in coconut flakes

Dressing with honey and lemon juice

4 tbsp cold pressed rapeseed oil from Äland
2 tbsp lemon juice
0,5-1 tablespoons honey from Åland (liquid or creamed)
Salt and pepper
Tip: Try seasoning with garlic or ramsons


Klockargatan 31, Jomala