Honey from Åland

Our honey gets its rich taste from the pure Åland nature. The taste varies slightly from year to year and between the apiaries.  We will receive eco-certificates in 2022. Responsiblely produced honey is climate-smart and environmentally friendly alternative to sugar. Honey is a natural sweetener containing 330 kcal/100g energy compared to 406 kcal/100g in sugar. Honey is sweeter than sugar and in many cases you can replace 1dl of sugar with 3/4dl of honey. Honey also contains pollen, vitamins, minerals and many healthy enzymes.
Honey from Åland 500g
Honey from Åland 350g
Honey from Senses, Åland 250g
Heather honey from Åland 500g

Unavailable at the moment

Beeswax candles

Our beeswax candles are made of 100% beeswax from our own beekeeping.
The wick is made of 100% cotton.
Wax: 30g Height: 4.5cm Burning time: about 3.5h
Taper candles 2pcs
 Wax: 50g Height: 25cm Burning time: about 12h
Pine cone
Wax: 80g Height: 7.5cm Burning time: about 9h
Ball candle
Wax: 190g Height: 7cm Burning time: about 16h
Pillar candle with honey comb pattern
Wax: 315g Height: 15.5cm Burning time: about 28h

Pure beeswax from Åland

is the bees’ own product. Worker bees have eight wax glands at the bottom of their abdomen. They produce wax in small flakes that are almost colorless. The size of the flakes varies between 0.2 and 1.3 milligrams and for one kilogram of beeswax about 2,000,000 wax flakes are needed. Beeswax is therefore a valuable raw material. A bee community produces about 500 g of beeswax every year. To produce one kilogram of beeswax, the bees use approx. 5-10kg of honey.
Beeswax block

Vikt: 80g

Varroa free package bees and queens

Package Bees
Queen and 4-5 litres of young bees. Can be sent by post within Finland. Varroa-free, our bees have been tested for American foulbrood 2021. Sold out for 2022. 
Queen bee


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